Metal and Plastics

Metal & Plastics

Cleaning systems for
Metal and Plastics

Also in the cleaning process of metal, plastics, ceramics and other materials our dual interval technology of Ultrasound and Turbulent Flow has proven to be a perfect solution.

All system versions can be customised to your individual needs – whether its chambers, volume, ultrasonic power, flushing methods and / or heating.

Baskets can be devided into several cleaning zones using clampable insert-grids.

Ultrasound + Turbulent Flow

Our Ultrasound Cleaning systems are designed to clean multiple objects simultaneously. The objects are placed into a metal basket which is hooked into the system. The combined Ultrasonic/Turbulent Flow system is controlled by an electronic interval program. The temperature of the cleaning solution is adjustable – in our systems a setting to 60°C is absolutely effectual and even minimises the grade of evaporation. After the removal the objects solely need to be shortly rinsed with clean water. Alternatively you can use cleaning liquids with sealing functionality – protecting metal parts from corrosion.

Strictly solid components
All metal parts of our systems are manufactured from high quality special stainless steel – this applies to the basins as well as to the pipes, cover plates and frames.
Efficient pumps produce an effective turbulent flow as part of the electronically controlled interval with the ultrasonic sound.

In-House production
The production of the systems including the ultrasonic devices and controllers takes place in our own facilities. Therefore Schmitt Ultraschalltechnik has full control on the quality of all installed components.

Not just standard systems . . .

Project Wire Cleaning System

Schmitt Ultraschalltechnik also builds high quality customised solutions and systems like the system shown right, which was designed for the inline-cleaning, rinsing and drying of metal wires. Talk to us if you have a certain requirement.

Ultrasound devices and controllers for 3rd party systems

Another product branch is the manufacturing of Ultrasonic devices and corresponding controllers to be used in systems from other companies. As the production of all parts takes place in our own facilities, Schmitt Ultraschalltechnik has full control on the quality and harmonisation of all components.

Many Schmitt ultrasound devices and controllers are used in „foreign“ cleaning systems. Please talk to us  if you are interested!


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